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In a world of digital war, it is wise to post content that increases your website ranking while creating brand awareness. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of gaining attention in the highly saturated market. Fact: (51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.). Undoubtedly, be it any industry, video making is trending. Of the other available techniques, whiteboard animations beautifully explain your concept or idea.

For years and years, people have been deploying the power of arts and drawing to convey meanings. Nowadays, even teachers use markers and a whiteboard to simplify complex ideas to students.

What is a Whiteboard Animation?

A whiteboard animation video is a video that is created using static images being drawn on the screen in front of the viewer. Marked as an important type of explainer video, this video style has been leveraged by animators for years. Previously, whiteboard animation service providers used to record themselves in the process of creating animations. Nowadays, whiteboard animation doesn’t need to be recorded, but can be created using the software.

Why is Whiteboard Animation So Famous?

Because of the broad scope they provide, whiteboard animation videos are widely used for a plethora of purposes. Whiteboard animation can be used to create product demo videos, explainer videos, educational presentations, promotional videos, etc. The main reasons why this type of video style is very popular amongst video makers include:

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