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Script and Creativity

First, we collect all the necessary information to understand you and your brand. Collection of relevant information enables us to transform your idea into an original, unique & attractive script.


In order to stay very clear, we turn the script into an illustrated story; in this stage we basically visualize the final result.

Design and Illustration

After crafting a storyboard, we design characters, scenarios, and typographies. The illustration created in this stage allows us to see the style the video will have.

2D and 3D animation

The characters come alive in this phase, motion graphics are added to the bodies, objects & scenarios to the videos in this stage.

Sound & Voice

This is the phase where we add voice, background music and sound effects in the video. Our voices convey feelings and emotions. We select voices that suit your business needs.


This is second last yet the most important phase; we sharpen the last details of the animated video just to ensure everything is perfect!


In the end, we deliver your video in Full HD format so you could easily start sharing it on your website, social networks or wherever you want!

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