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Power of Animated Explainer Videos

So, you are all geared up to have an excellent piece of content that helps to skyrocket your digital presence? Animated explainer videos are your best bet! If there’s anything that excites the viewers of today, it’s animation! Communication via videos is considered effective as compared to texts or graphics; this is why explainer video is considered key to customer engagement. No matter what industry you belong to, we are one animated explainer video production company that will help you make the right impression – Always.

What are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos are short marketing videos that narrate your brand or product story effectively in as less as 2 minutes. Due to the fact that these are animated videos, they are unmatched when it comes to grabbing the attention of the audiences. These mark as excellent marketing tools which can deliver a business proposition in a way that engages the audience. Animated videos are perfect to attract visitors to your website and tell them about the benefits and core features of the product you are selling. Rather than a boring descriptive video which the viewer might close without even watching, capitalizing on an animated video that brings viewers is the right choice.

According to Nielsen Research, an average user stays for about 10-20 seconds on a website, if there isn’t anything interesting and indulging on the page. With such a short attention span, you cannot rely on just text and graphics to attract their attention. Whatever your USP is, you must show it to your target audience and there's no better way of doing it than by creating an animated explainer video (that is eye-catching).

How Animated Explainer Videos Work?

Animated stuff is attractive, engaging and resonates within the minds of the viewer. By leveraging the power of knowledge and unique ideas, animated explainer videos help brands increase memory retention and make the business name widespread. When this medium is leveraged correctly, it marks as the ideal medium to provide information because it uses the best of all senses.

Animated explainer videos give companies several avenues to make their message enter the long-term memory which increases the retention of the message overall. When businesses tap onto this thriving medium, not only their business names become widespread, but they also witness alleviated bottom-line. Animated explainer videos also work as the tool that keeps the viewer clung to your webpage because of the fun part it provides. If you are offering something of value to the viewer in a quirky manner, they are bound to watch it.

Why You Must Use Animated Explainer Videos For Business?

A majority of businesses go through a hard time in narrating their brand story successfully and in expressing what they do in a way that potential target audience can easily understand, and it resonates within their mind. When a user visits a business’s website, he usually won’t explore a lot if he didn’t find anything worth staying. This is where the power of explainer video service comes to the rescue. By combining the benefits of both visual and auditory senses, explainer videos alleviate retention rates and make their value proposition succinct.

The human brain is designed to respond to messages, particularly the ones that are unique in ideas and that engage with them in familiar ways. By mixing unfamiliar ideas in a contemporary and familiar way, stories can be told to help introduce viewers to new concepts and ideas.

Double Your Traffic via Animated Explainer Videos

If you are looking for a perfect tool that helps you double visitors on your site and tells them about the features and benefits of your brand, animated explainer video is the tool you can get benefited from. Explainer Video (also called homepage video) can effectively define your company, product/service or anything that you want your audience to educate about. Remember, the first 10 seconds are very important for giving visitors the reason to stay.

Compared to competitions, if you think you are better and have a unique product to offer, show it to users without taking much of their time. Nothing else can do it in a better way than an explainer video. If you are looking for the explainer animation services for your brand, our talented video animators can professionally do the job for you.

With having experience of more than 10 years, we have been delighting clients by producing stunning explainer videos for businesses and campaigns. We basically believe in explaining complex ideas in the most attractive and simple ways. Our talent and resources are unmatched in the industry because of which we are a choice of many happy customers. At Macvideos, you will get unmatchable animated video services (with Money-back Guarantee), our animators craft videos that shows a problem with a solution.

We keep our explainers short because it is the key to customer engagement. No matter what industry your brand belongs to, an explainer video made by us will make the right impression. There isn’t any efficient way to introduce your brand other than an attractive explainer video. Be it an explainer or a simple video, we make everything work!

Join hands with us, we can be your long-term partner. We create and implement videos campaigns that work for you – 100%!

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